Benefits of using Artificial Flowers for Events

Kim Chan using Artificial Flowers for Wedding or Event in Christchurch

Benefits of using Artificial Flowers for Events

Planning a wedding or a large event comes with loads of decisions, and one of those will be about your flowers. You may not have considered the benefits of using artificial flowers before, but they are an excellent option for those wanting to deliver a beautiful experience for everyone involved.

The benefits of using artificial flowers for events and weddings has become a real thing over the last few years largely due to the fact there is nothing artificial looking about them. Watching guests try to work out or be none the wiser that your table pieces are not real can be very entertaining not to mention all the other benefits.

Also known as faux flowers, artificial flowers at weddings and events are becoming more and more popular. If you are considering using artificial flowers and still need a wee bit of convincing then here are 7 more great reasons:

  1. Artificial flowers are non Allergenic.  Aunt Betty’s red nose and watery eyes in all your family pictures won’t be because of your floral arrangement.
  2. Daffodils during a summer wedding or sunflowers in winter would not be possible if you were relying on seasonal blooms but with artificial flowers, you can ensure your favourite flower is always in season.
  3. How does one less thing to do on the day of your wedding sound? Artificial flowers mean you can be set up the night before, venue dependent of course. A side benefit here is also peace of mind knowing your flowers are actually in store and ready for delivery.
  4. Warm weather is not an issue. Your flowers will look as just as good at the end of your wedding or event as they did at the beginning.
  5. Cost effective, impact and effect! Yes, you can have something Pinterest worthy and affordable! I am always into creating wonderful show stoppers – using artificial blooms to help achieve this is always better for the budget!
  6. There are no imperfections. Artificial flowers transport well, have no imperfections and your bouquet can take a fair bit of picking up and putting down without a second thought. Especially when it comes to more delicate species.
  7. And last but not least, artificial flowers are actually cool again!

We also supply weekly artificial flowers for offices and flower delivery throughout Christchurch.

If you are planning your wedding or event and considering artificial flowers as a real option, then give us a call – 021 122 4082We have 25 years of experience in wedding and event styling, and all aspects of floristry and floral arrangements, and can help you make the right decision for your wedding or event.