Best Man Duties

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Best Man Duties

Best Man at a Wedding

What’s up with this image?

Buttonholes are worn on the left lapel- why? Because its close to your heart.

A lot of people ask me for advice on the what is expected of the best man on the actual day and after the ceremony.

Here is my advice.

At the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

  • Attend the rehearsal- Pay attention—you may need to help others remember their places and schedules later.
  • Know the relevant “key people”
  • Organise who will be giving toasts at dinner. Set the order if there is no MC .

On the day

Be very familiar with run of day schedule, know who is doing what (last minute things) and ensure it is done

Help the groom get dressed.

Keep a close eye on the time (check for road works/ detours etc).

Get any “on the day” payments for priest, musicians, etc and make sure they are in sealed envelopes so you can pay the appropriate people at the appropriate times.

Take charge of the wedding rings and make sure the groom has the marriage license with him

After the ceremony.

Help arrange people for formal photographs. Liaise with photographer /appropriate people and know who is who.

Deliver fee envelopes as appropriate.

Drive couple to reception – if no driver

At the reception

Act as host, welcoming guests, mingle make introductions.

Make speech, remember you are representing the Bride and Groom. Keep it to  about 3-4 minutes. Ought to be heartfelt, funny and uplifting.

Have car waiting to take the newlyweds from the reception. (Decorated if appropriate) When they’re ready to leave, assist them in leaving.

Have a fun day celebrating the happy couple’s special day you’re an integral part of it best man.