Faux Flowers

Artificial flowers for office receptions and work spaces

Stunning artificial flowers for office receptions, cafes, restaurants and other businesses that bring your work space to life. Designed specifically for you and your business and available for monthly hire, you can WOW your clients and transform any space with our artificial flower arrangements.

These beautiful, realistic artificial flowers create a warm, welcoming environment for your staff, clients and guests, helping them to feel more relaxed and comfortable, whilst reflecting your brand and image in a creative and visual way.

With no watering, feeding, wilting, picking up dying flowers, or worrying about light and air flow, these beautiful, allergen-free, artificial flower arrangements are easy and require almost no care.

To find out more about our artificial flowers for office receptions and corporate spaces, call us on 021 122 4082 or email us at kim@kimchan.co.nz.