How to Perfect Your Wedding Theme

Maddy and Tom's white wedding theme

How to Perfect Your Wedding Theme

A wedding is a magical time – a time when family and close friends come together to celebrate the love and unity of the couple, along with the individuality of the couple. Your wedding theme is a big part of your wedding, and should reflect your true personality as a couple, be in harmony from start to finish, and embrace what is important to you both.

These are some things to consider when choosing and perfecting your perfect wedding theme, with the first and second points being the most crucial when on a tight budget.

1) Choose a theme that reflects you as a couple

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and a time where you can truly express what is important to you and your partner. Whether this is integrating your culture, your family traditions, your religion, or a passion you both have for something – you can theme your wedding around these things.

2) Choose a venue in keeping with your theme

Once you have decided on your perfect theme, picking a venue that suits this theme will help you keep your costs down. For example, if your theme is based around beautiful flowers, choosing a venue that is surrounded by beautiful gardens will have you half way there. A religious wedding could be held in a church, a glamourous wedding in a beautifully set out grand hall.

3) Make it beautiful

Something every bride wants for her wedding is for people to remember how beautiful it all was! If on a tight budget, try creating one big beautiful thing, rather than lots of small things. Small things can end up “invisible” but everyone will remember that stunning flower arch, or amazing flower wall.

4) Choose your colours, flowers and designs early

Before you jump in with both feet, make sure you have the smaller details worked out. Choosing your colours early on in your planning can help save time and money later. You can then theme everything for your wedding around those colours – this includes your invites, flowers, table decorations and so forth.

5) Integrate your flowers and designs early

Decide on your designs and florals early on in your planning. Don’t wait to the last minute to include that special tablecloth from Mum or Aunty May’s special candles. Plan to include those special items right from the start so that nothing looks out of place or “added on”.

6) Don’t go with what is trending

It’s easy to think that you would like the latest in trends for your wedding, but remember, trends will fade, but your memories of your wedding will last forever. Do what makes you happy.

7) Consider the Season

If you are planning a Winter wedding, plan your venue, florals and theming around the cooler weather. Remember, out of season flowers are harder to get, so will cost more. But you can still get a stunning bouquet that embraces the season with in-season flowers and greenery.

8) Have a backup venue

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, ensure you have a backup venue if the weather goes south – even if it is a Summer wedding. You can’t control the weather, but you can forward plan so that whatever the weather throws at you, it is still a perfect day.

9) Get help from a professional wedding planner or stylist

Sometimes it is much easier – and may even be cheaper – to get help from a professional wedding planner or stylist. They know all the best venues, florists, tips and tricks to making planning, designing and setting up your wedding stress-free and perfect. So whether you have a big wedding theme to plan or a simple wedding theme, get the experts involved early on.


Remember, your special day is all about you and your partner. Plan your wedding theme around what makes you both happy, and remember to include all the little details early on.