How to water your orchid

How to water your orchid

Phalenopsis orchids are beautiful plants, native to India, China and Southeast Asia. The plants grow thick leaves, with elegant, arching blooms that can last for months on end when cared for properly.

Watering your orchid is simple, however excessive watering will rot the roots of your orchid.

To water your orchid, gently remove your plant from its pot and hold it under the tap for around 15 seconds.

Allow your orchid to drain completely. Even leave it to drain for five minutes to ensure the roots are completely drained. Your plant’s roots will look dry, but don’t worry, it has had enough water.

Gently replace your plant in its pot.

Water your orchid like this once a week, for the life of your orchid. This will ensure nice healthy, strong leaves that will grow new blooms.

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