How to WOW your Guests at your next Event

How to WOW your guests at your next event

How to WOW your Guests at your next Event

Creating an atmosphere that really WOWs your guests can seem like a daunting prospect. Here are some simple tips on how to really turn heads and get people talking about your latest event.

Make your atmosphere inviting

An inviting space makes people feel welcome, comfortable and happy. Some ways to achieve this include:

  • Using soft lighting with lots of candles
  • Using beautiful fragrant flowers
  • Set the scene with the right music for your event
  • Set the scene right from the door – don’t wait for your guests to be seated at the table. Make them go “WOW” as they enter the door.


Bring your event to life

The last thing you want is for your guests to decide your event is boring and start turning to their phones for entertainment!

Bring your event to life with beautiful flower arrangements, table centrepieces, hanging ribbons, chandeliers, balloons and other designs.


Create a statement piece

Nothing really draws the eye and takes your breathe away more than an amazing statement piece. This could be a flower wall, a table feature piece, hanging flower arrangement or a stunning arch.


Add that personal touch

It’s nice to feel special. Try creating small personalised touches to your event, such as handwritten name invites or personalised name tags.

If you have children coming to your event, make sure they are catered for with special stationary and drawing pads, or zones they can go to so they are not underfoot.

As the event host you can also make the effort to personally welcome each guest to your event. You might do this by standing at the door, or going from table to table to say hi and thanks for coming, and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.


Kim’s Takeaway

You can never have too many candles to set that magical scene for your event.

And don’t forget to put a special touch in the loos, this is something most people forget, but a place that just about all of your guests will at some point visit! Add some extra special bling, nicely scented flowers or other special touch.

If this still seems too hard, we’d love to hear from you. Our talented team of stylists at Kim Chan Events live and breathe event design, styling and theming and would love to help you bring the WOW to your next event!

Event styling for Beauty at the Tannery by Kim Chan Events
Event styling for Harcourts Gold Celebration 2019
Personalised stationary for children by Kim Chan Events