MAIA Health Foundation Feast 2023

MAIA Health Foundation Feast 2023

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This year we were honoured once again to assist MAIA Health Foundation set the scene for FEAST 2023, held at the Limes Room, Christchurch Town Hall, 266 people gathered to collectively raise funds to build Kahurangi  –  a modern, fit-for-purpose outpatient facility for Child and Youth Mental Health in our region.
Given the previous 2 years were received really well we set the bar high for ourselves to WOW the returning guests once again.

This year our team spent over 130 hours preparing and installing the decor, which smelled as good as it looked.

A highlight for all was the interactive raffle tickets. This year we chose butterflies – a symbol of transformation, hope and faith, and also a symbol of rebirth, since it goes through so many life cycles – from larva to caterpillar to chrysalis and finally to a beautiful, flying butterfly.   We were so happy to see most of these go home to be appreciated after the event.

All of the fresh flowers used at the event have been donated to the hospice and old people’s homes and community to be enjoyed

Thank you to Archibalds who sponsored the Feast, and to supporting partner Batchelar McDougall Consulting Ltd

“Your work not only transformed the room but also played a pivotal role in setting the scene for the evening’s success. Your floral arrangements were nothing short of incredible, they consumed the room with their scent, beauty and elegance, capturing the essence of the event and leaving a lasting impression on all who were present. Thank you Kim and team!”

Venue – Christchurch town Hall
Caterer –  Venues Ōtautahi Executive Chef, Dan Shanks

Rami Strong


September 9, 2023