Say YES to the bridesmaids dress

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Say YES to the bridesmaids dress

How to choose the best bridesmaids dresses

Start by shopping – window shopping!

Browse the internet for styles and looks that you like and investigate where you can find it locally.
Lots of local or chain retailers now offer off the rack bridesmaids dresses. Do lots of browsing and you’ll find heaps of different styles. You can even mix and match depending on your Bridesmaid’s taste and body shapes.

Keep cost in mind

Traditionally bridesmaids will pay (or offer to) for their dresses. If they are picking up the bill make sure your choices won’t blow their budget. These are your friends after all. You could consider doing what the guys do and hire your  dresses, you can research what is available in your area and check out the options.

Do it in the right order

It is best to have selected, or know exactly what you want for a gown first. This means you can wear the look that you want without any style clashes.

Make it a fun girly day

Who doesn’t love shopping!!! Get the girls together and have some fun (just be careful what you have for lunch!)

Find the right fit

Goes without saying right? If all of your Bridesmaids are in the same town than it is easy. If however you have people coming from other places who won’t be able to be there for fittings, always ensure you have the right measurements. If the dresses are made to measure the maker will know exactly how to direct an absent fitting.

Select a colour or theme

For modern weddings there are no set rules on this one. All of your Bridesmaids can wear completely different dress or outfits and you can bring the whole theme together using your flowers and decorations.

Consider what’s underneath

The right, or wrong, lingerie will make or break any dress. Strapless for instance will possibly mean some new underwear for all. Also worth considering is the range of shape wear available now. It’s not all suck, tuck and sweat anymore.

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