Join our Special Days Club

Flowers for delivery with Kim Chan Events
Our Special Days Club is all about YOU, making YOU feel adored.
We do this by helping your love deliver exactly what you love!

Who doesn’t enjoy a bouquet of favourite blooms* delivered on a birthday, anniversary or other special date? We help your partner remember your special day without any last minute hassles so they feel like a superstar and you get a bouquet that you will love and deserve!

*subject to seasonal availability – note – peonies only bloom in November and early December!

  1. Let us know your Partner’s details so that we can remind them of your special day
  2. Let us know your special days, e.g. Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines Day, along with your favourite flowers
  3. Tell your friends and family and they can get their favorites too

Is there any cost to join?
No it is free to sign up to our VIP Special Days Club.

Does my partner have to order if you send them a reminder?
NO, above all it is a VIP reminder service. ,If we can help by sending you a bouquet or offering suggestions we will do that!

Where can you deliver to?
We deliver as far up as Kaikoura and down to Timaru. Call us for out of town deliveries, and we will tell you if we can help.

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