Stamp your Style: make a statement in your venue!

Kim Chan Events | Pastel Florals + Ivy Archway

Stamp your Style: make a statement in your venue!

“I Do” isn’t the only spotlight-stealing statement you’ll make at your wedding.

Styling your ceremony and reception spaces is a great way to express your style as a couple on your most special of days – but showering a room with several different types of decoration can do more harm than good and end up costing your more.

Choose one or two ways to make a strong statement.  This will immediately draw people’s eye and set the tone for the event.

When choosing where and how to make your statement think about your venue – does it have a high stud that would benefit from draping or chandeliers? Will you want to take a lot of photos inside and need a backdrop? Where will most the action be happening?

Here are our top ways to make a style statement:

Flower Walls

Fresh or Faux, flowers walls are so on trend.  They are hugely diverse – you can use the same wall as a ceremony backdrop and then move it to your reception space and look gorgeous in photos. Perfectly suited to sit behind the head table but just as useful in the entranceway to the venue or as a photo booth backdrop. Table top versions also work beautifully behind the cake table or on the Register table.



Just as transportable as flower walls, faux or fresh flower archways make a lovely frame to compliment a gorgeous outdoor setting or jaw dropping view.  An archway enhances the surroundings you are in, while adding vibrant colour, depth and texture to photos.  Don’t block a gorgeous view with a flower wall – frame it with an archway instead.  Attach soft, draping fabric for added romance.

Flower Poles


The best way to make a statement to your peg and pole marquee.  Adding colour and character to a big, white, cavernous marquee is so important. Using flowers mounted to the marquee poles will fill some of that space while creating a sumptuous focal point.  They are an ideal way of focusing your theming and flowers budget for the biggest impact.



Focus your efforts on the table you want the most attention drawn to – is it the head table, the guests tables or the cake table?  While you can certainly decorate them all, one area should stand out from the rest. If the head table is your choice, make your flowers long and low so your guests can see you.  We’ll incorporate the bridal party bouquets here and make sure there are vases for them to rest in.

It you have a large guest list, consider elevating your head table on a stage or riser.  It gives height to a single level space and lets you be the star of the show and ensures you can see your guests.  They’re easy to make from pallets and a great job to delegate to the boys!



This is all about adding interest up high.  A floral chandelier can literally light up a room with lights, but can do an equally good job without bulbs, but with a collection of gorgeous blooms, hanging ethereally in mid air.  Hiring lace lanterns or glass chandeliers is another way to personalise your space.

Candelabra flower arrangements


Despite their top heavy appearance, these things are super sturdy and they have heaps more benefits besides.  While giving a more structured look, candelabra centrepieces fill high space, provide a stunning focal point and, crucially, allow people to see and hear each other across a table.  For a lush affect, alternate them with low arrangements on other tables.     

The best thing of all is that none of these options need blow the budget, just make the best use of it. Keep in mind your guests will notice something big and beautiful well before they take in lots of tiny touches.  Don’t dilute your budget or your creativity across the room – pick a spot and make a statement!