TIP: “How to carry your bridal bouquet”

kim chan events | my grandma at her wedding!

TIP: “How to carry your bridal bouquet”

Carrying your bridal bouquet…too high, too low, or just right??

I know, you probably have never given it a moments thought…. but now its your turn to walk down the aisle you want to make sure you have it just right… trust me – you (and everyone else!) will look at and admire your photos for years to come!!

Here is a photo of my beautiful Grandma on her wedding day – I looked at this photo on her wall for years – then one day it dawned on me….   She is holding her bouquet upside down! …….. with the trail (or bottom) pointing towards her ear!!

Needless to say – she was horrified when I told her.

IMG_6875SO!  here’s the thing….. 5 easy tips.

  1. make sure your shoulders are down and relaxed,
  2. BREATHE!! then breathe again….
  3. boobs out!
  4. if you have a trailing or posy bouquet hold the stems (or handle) near your belly button, your arms should be slightly “crooked” or bent, angle the stems in towards your tummy a little so the full “face” of the bouquet is facing the guests – and your photographer!
  5. relax and smile and enjoy your day!!

It is important to pick up your bouquet before you are running out the door, take a moment to get a feel for what feels comfortable and balanced for you when you hold it.  Look in the mirror and have a play around, if you want to girls to look uniform in the photos have them have a wee practice with you.

….for informal shots (not for walking down the aisle) hold your bouquet in one hand, and drop your arm down to relax your shoulder.

smell the flowers, and enjoy the moment, we will give you more specific advice on your wedding day._CGP5901