Tip: How to pin on a buttonhole

Buttonhole on Groom

Tip: How to pin on a buttonhole

How to pin a buttonhole

It is tradition for a groom to wear a flower in the buttonhole of his lapel. Your best man, ushers and fathers of the bride and groom can also wear buttonholes. The grooms style can be different to the other buttonholes but they are an important part of the day and should match your other decorations in colour and look – we can help with that.

The tricky part if the positioning and pinning of the buttonhole on the day so here are some tips.

The buttonhole will come with two or three inches of stalk which will be wrapped in green binding and will come with pins.
Position the buttonhole on the left lapel with the stalk facing downwards, don’t place it in the actual buttonhole of his jacket as it won’t sit right.
Thread the pin through the underside right of the lapel, through the stem of the buttonhole and through the lapel again.
You can use a second pin to ensure the buttonhole doesn’t move.

And finally, plan where all of the menfolk will be on the day to ensure easy delivery of fresh blooms for buttonholes.

You can watch our quick “How to” video here…