7 Tips to Choose the Wedding Venue that’s Perfect for You

Christ's College Wedding Venue

7 Tips to Choose the Wedding Venue that’s Perfect for You

Choosing the right wedding venue for your special day is one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when planning your wedding. Finding a venue that fits your budget and matches the theme and style of your wedding will mean that you are already part-way to getting your perfect theme.

Here are 7 tips to help you choose the right wedding venue:

1. Look at venues that align with your vision

This may seem obvious but only seek out those places that will match with your dream idea.

If you are into modern spaces you can discover unique places like art galleries or warehouses. Or if you are sparked by natural elements, you can look at parks, gardens and backyards.

Choosing a venue that fits in with your theme will help you feel more connected to the space.  This has the added advantage of already being somewhat “there” in terms of your decor and ambiance, and will reflect well on the purse strings when it comes to decorating.

Ben and Claire's church wedding - styling by Kim Chan Events

2. Know your guest list

Knowing how many guests you are expecting to invite before you look at venues will save hassles further down the line.

Couples often under estimate the amount of people they will invite or how many parents will want to add to the list! Trying to squish too many people into a small venue will add stress to your day.  It is important that there is space and flow.

Guests at Mona Vale for Ben and Claire's wedding

3. Remember your budget

You will want to turn the space into a “wow” venue!

Break down your budget into priority categories. If you select your venue first and don’t allocate funds to the look and design, you won’t create the feel you deserve for your big day.

We have lots of budget friendly options that will give a real WOW to your day.

Marquee wedding flowers and styling

4. Consider your guests experience

If you are inviting a lot of out of town guests, look for a venue that is near or connected to a hotel.

Remember to ensure they have capacity for all of your guests and you could negotiate a group rate.

Jess and Willies marquee wedding styling by Kim Chan Events

5. Explore what is included

Some venues will be all inclusive while others may give you the option of choosing your own vendors and suppliers.

An all-inclusive package may seem expensive but if you are supplying your own, make sure you receive comprehensive quotes from hire companies as escalating costs of extras may mean no real savings on venue costs.

Mona Vale wedding venue

6. Have a rain plan

Outdoor ceremonies and garden weddings are amazing but ALWAYS, always, have a back-up plan.

Unfortunately the one thing we can’t control is Mother Nature, and keeping your fingers crossed won’t keep the rain away!

If you do still want to be outdoors, remember we have great umbrellas for hire to keep guests dry!

Bride arriving at Mona Vale

7. Make it about you

There are always trends in weddings and what suited your friends or what you fell in love with online might not suit all of your needs.

Stay authentic to yourselves as a couple and remember it is your day; make sure it is a reflection of you both and what you want. 

One of the first questions I always ask is “how do you see your wedding day?”.