Deck the Halls … and the table … and the door … and the tree …

Daisy chain Christmas wreath

Deck the Halls … and the table … and the door … and the tree …

Christmas is the one time of year that many of us really go to town on decorating our home to mark a Special Occasion.  It’s a time to create wonderful family memories, honour generations-old traditions and create new ones.

Bringing those precious tree ornaments out of storage is so nostalgic, and while you may have years’ worth of items tucked away, it doesn’t mean your festive styling needs to be the same year in year out.

For me, the Wreath is the focal point of my Christmas styling – in fact, I have several wreaths up around the house all year round.

These bold, round beauties can be adorned with so many different colours and textures – all of which scream Christmas but also reflect the fact we Kiwis celebrate the season in the middle of summer.

Succulents add a real lushness to a wreath, while drift wood, feathers, pinecones, moss and native plant foliage remind me of the days spent roam the forest and coastline with my son, collecting them all.

Christmas wreath making workshops

Each year, at our annual Christmas Pop Up Shop, people bring me their wreaths to revamp.  It can be completely reworked, or you can have new elements added that can be replaced each year to work in with a change in colour scheme or theme.  We can also add specifically Christmas features that can later be removed to allow your wonderful wreath to adorn your home all year round.  A popular option is also having some fresh flowers added that will be beautifully blooming for Christmas Day or that special Christmas function.  Better still, grab some girlfriends and book into one or out wreath making classes and learn how to do it yourself – as well as have a good old natter and a delicious morning tea!

For so many, the excitement of creating a whole new Yule tide scheme each year, is months in the planning.

Christmas decorations by Kim Chan Events

We always advise our clients to invest in a couple of good, key pieces to anchor their Christmas styling.  This could be a wreath, a table centrepiece or flower and foliage garland that can be added to or tweeked each year.

But if that all sounds like too much to handle in what’s already the busiest part of the year for most, then be strategic. Choose one or two central focal points and then repeat them though out your styling.  For example, choose 2 colours and a shape and replicate that over and over again. Circles are a favourite as you can incorporate wreaths, moss balls, small succulents and even candles and lanterns.

If you are travelling over the Holiday period, then Faux flowers are your friend.  We can create the right table centrepiece, wreath or style statement that is lightweight and easily transported to the bach!

So while Christmas is still a few weeks away, now is the time to start planning our festive flowers!